Epidemiology Degrees


We offer three degrees—the MPH, the MS, and the PhD—providing students with a broad base of epidemiological knowledge, applications, and research methods. Our students help establish links between smoking and lung cancer, clarify trends in local, national, and global AIDS distributions, and elucidate the natural history of cervical cancer. Depending on their program, students may choose to pursue a generalist track, or focus their scholarship through individualized or specialized studies. For more detailed requirements, click on the title of each degree in the Navigation Bar.

MPH in Epidemiology

The MPH degree introduces students to epidemiological issues within the field of public health.  This program prepares graduates to offer a wide range of epidemiology services in multidisciplinary professional environments. For those with previous clinical experience, this degree provides preparation for higher administrative positions access within public health and health care settings. MPH students are admitted to the Comprehensive Curriculum, or to the Professional Enhancement Program (PEP), which  caters to those with at least three years of paid public health or community health experience. Enrollment can be on a full- or part-time basis. More...

MS in Epidemiology

The MS degree introduces students to epidemiologic research methods in preparation for research careers.  This degree program supplies a comprehensive methodologic base, introducing students to fundamental techniques of data analysis. Our MS graduates frequently contribute to epidemiologic research studies on the local, national, and global levels. More...

PhD in Epidemiology

The PhD degree in epidemiology teaches students how to apply epidemiological methods to different research problems.  This program also asks candidates to conduct meaningful research in an epidemiological area, playing a central role in study design, data collection and processing, statistical analysis and interpretation.  Such research can take place in either the public or private sector.  PhD graduates are equipped with the skill and experience to perform independent epidemiologic research. More...

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