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Physician, Medical Director, Director of Research & Education, Director of Clinical Research, Epidemiologist, Senior Data Analyst,  Research Assistant.  These are recent job titles of recent graduates with degrees in Epidemiology and/or Biostatiscs.

Biostatistics graduates participate in work involving vital statistics, epidemiologic studies of disease, environmental monitoring, evaluating new medical therapies, assessing health care facilities and other public health problems.  Employment opportunities are excellent for graduates in biostatistics, both in private industry, especially pharmaceutical companies, and in the public sector.

Epidemiology Graduates with an MPH degree are prepared for administrative or policy roles in federal, state or local public health programs.  Graduates also manage research projects, disease registries and population studies.

Epidemiology MS graduates participate in large-scale collaborative studies in governmental and non-governmental settings, and Epidemiology PhD graduates develop independent research in government, academia or private institutional settings.

Recent graduates have taken exciting job opportunities with the following organizations:





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