Biostatistics Degrees


EPI-BIO offers three degrees in Biostatistics, allowing both working professionals and aspiring researchers to better manage public health data. Our students collaborate with health ministries and other research institutions across the globe.

MPH in Quantitative Methods

The MPH degree in quantitative methods is designed for health professionals who want to improve their ability to manage, analyze, and interpret public health data.  This program, which does not require the rigorous mathematics background integral to the MS, also introduces students to data analysis issues in a particular area of public health. This degree is appropriate for anyone who wants to obtain intermediate level employment in the pharmaceutical industry, in government or academic settings, or for those interested in pursuing a doctoral degree. Enrollment can be full or part time. More...

MS in Biostatistics

The MS degree teaches students how to apply biostatistical methods in preparation for research careers. This degree program supplies a comprehensive methodologic base, introducing students to fundamental techniques of data analysis. Graduates of this program go on to participate in a wide range of epedemiologic research studies. More...

PhD in Biostatistics

Like the MS, the PhD degree in biostatistics educates students in biostatistical research methods.  Yet the PhD also requires candidates to conduct meaningful research, playing a central role in study design, data collection and processing, statistical analysis and interpretation.  Such research can take place in either the public or private sector.  PhD graduates are equipped with the skill and experience to perform independent epidemiologic research. More...

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