EOHS Research

EOHS Research and Community Activities

With an accomplished faculty and a city with a vibrant professional and academic climate, EOHS is uniquely situated for multidisciplinary research.  We collaborate with everyone from community groups to the World Health Organization, helping to resolve environmental and occupational health and safety problems on local, national, and international levels.   

Faculty Research Projects

Research is a key component of working and studying in EOHS. Our faculty conducts nationally recognized work and emphasizes research-to-practice methods. Take a look at some of the research projects currently being conducted in EOHS. Read more...


EOHS extends beyond our building on Taylor Street. The students, faculty and staff are deeply engaged with nearby communities through environmental justice organizations, addressing inequitable exposure to environmental hazards across the population.  Worker centers, migrant service organizations, unions, non-profits, and consulates provide invaluable services and advocacy for low wage, minority, and immigrant workers; we collaborate to add health and safety to their agendas.  We also partner to establish peer training and programs on health and safety in agriculture, construction, manufacturing, health care, and home health settings. Read more..

Illinois Education and Research Center and Continuing Education

The Illinois Education and Research Center provides masters and PhD level training in industrial hygiene, hazardous substances, occupational safety, occupational health nursing, occupational medicine, agricultural safety and health and occupational epidemiology. With the help of EOHS, the Illinois ERC also provides continuing education to professionals working in safety and health. Continuing education is offered through conferences, online, and in-person. More information about CE courses can be found on the Illinois ERC Continuing Education page.  

Great Lakes Centers (GLC)

The Great Lakes Centers for Occupational and Environmental Safety and Health are housed alongside EOHS. GLC includes the Illinois Education and Research Center, the Great Lakes Center for Children’s Environmental Health, the Occupational Health Service Institute, and the Center for Global Environmental and Occupational Health. GLC is a World Health Organization Collaborating Center in Occupational Health and partners in international research projects.

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