Degree Options

EOHS offers several degree options, allowing a diverse student body—from aspiring researchers to accomplished administrators—to help prevent illnesses and injuries caused by the general environment and the workplace. Our students learn how to reduce the dangers posed by the air we breathe, the water we drink, the medicine we take, the machines we use, the chemicals we encounter, and the industries we depend upon. Depending on the program, students may choose to pursue a generalist track, or to focus their scholarship through individualized or specialized studies. To see more detailed program requirements, click on the title of each degree.


Masters of Public Health

The Master of Public Health (MPH) degree in Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences prepares students for the development, management and evaluation of environmental and occupational health programs, from local non-profits to international NGOs.  Courses—in the classroom, the laboratory, and the field—cover: exposure to chemical, physical, and biological hazards; environmental and occupational toxicity and injury; risk assessment, risk management and evaluation; and environmental and occupational health policy.  Students are admitted to the Comprehensive Program or to the Professional Enhancement Program (PEP).  The latter allows professionals with at least three years of relevant work experience to complete their MPH while meeting career obligations elsewhere. more...


Masters of Science

The Master of Science (MS) degree in Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences prepares students for research and program management in companies, laboratories, and policy-making organizations. Students will learn how to conduct workplace, community, and environmental assessments; to recognize exposures to environmental stressors; to apply quantitative modeling techniques; to develop control strategies; and to develop and evaluate training programs.  MS degree candidates must complete thesis requirements and present their research to the School community. more...


Doctor of Philosophy

The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) degree in Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences provides students with the conceptual and analytical skills needed to pursue research careers in academia, research institutes, consulting firms, and to serve as legislative and regulatory staff at government or industry research programs.  Under the guidance of a mentor and adviser, students will contribute to the larger EOHS community through original research, collaboration, oral presentation, and scientific papers of publishable quality. more...


MPH Occupational Medicine Residency

Medical doctors who have completed a PG-1 year in an ACGME accredited program are eligible to apply for two year residency training leading to board certification in Occupational Medicine. During these two years, OM residents complete coursework for a MPH in EOHS, in addition to the usual clinical training. For further information on this program, please see the Occupational and Envrionmental Medicine Residency website.


How to Apply