Careers in EOHS

Rewarding Career Path

Researcher. Environmental Health and Safety Manager. OSHA inspector. Public Health Department Manager. Industrial Hygienist. Occupational Medicine Physician. Environmental Policy Analyst.  A degree in EOHS will help you forge a rewarding career path.

Students from the Division of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences (EOHS) find positions in government, corporate, and academic sectors. Recent graduates have taken jobs with the following organizations:

Our alumni make up a global community committed to improving occupational and environmental safety and health. To find out more about the current activities of our graduates, please visit the EOHS Alumni page.

Thinking about the future? Visit SPH Career Services to learn about fellowships, job postings, or schedule a one-on-one meeting with a career counselor. We work hard to pair our students and alumni with employers that need their unique skill sets. 

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