Meet Rodney Musselman, MPH '74, DrPH '82


Rodney Musselman Alumni of the University of Illinois at Chicago School of Public Health give back in many ways. Some create positive change in their professional careers or volunteer their time with community groups. Others become involved with their alma maters through giving or mentoring.

One UIC SPH alumnus is steadfast on doing it all.  Rodney Musselman has devoted his career to improving environmental and occupational health through industry, government and academia. Today, he wants to help enhance the academic experience for students.

The Rodney P. Musselman Travel Award, to be presented annually to one or more UIC SPH graduate students, will provide the resources for students to attend public health conferences and networking meetings.

“When I was a student in 1973, Dr. Carnow and SPH gave me the opportunity to attend the American Public Health Association’s annual meeting in San Diego. They paid for the whole thing,” Musselman said.

That APHA conference, he said, convinced him to study public health. He was struck by the range of disciplines public health encompassed and by the variety of people who practiced these disciplines at local, state, national and international levels.

As corporate toxicologist for USG from 1990 to 1997, Musselman was responsible for compliance of the corporation’s products with environmental, occupational and consumer health and safety regulations. In the late 90’s, he launched his own firm, R.P. Musselman, Inc., in which he serves as an environmental and occupational health consultant to Fortune 500 companies.

Impacting the World

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