Faculty and Staff


CHS boasts multidisciplinary faculty with diverse backgrounds in the behavioral and community health sciences.  These include: anthropology, epidemiology, health education and promotion, health services research, pediatrics, preventive medicine, psychology, public health administration, public health nursing, public health nutrition, social work, and sociology.  Our faculty, which include working professionals with adjunct appointments, have extensive experience in public health practice, direct-care services, education, management, and research.  Ongoing research among faculty members (and students) contributes to the international public health dialogue.

For a complete listing of departmental faculty, please visit the SPH faculty profile section.  

CHS Staff Contact

All Academic/Administrative Staff for CHS and MCH have offices in SPHPI (1603 W. Taylor Street, Chicago, IL 60612).

David Brand
Academic Coordinator
Room 682 SPHPI
E-mail: dbrand@uic.edu

Madge Schwien
Academic and Administrative Support
Room 666 SPHPI
Phone: (312) 996-8867
E-mail: mschwien@uic.edu

Joan Chow
Program Support
Room 664 SPHPI
Phone: (312) 996-6347
E-mail: jchow3@uic.edu

Jaime Klaus, MA
Program Administrative Coordinator
Maternal and Child Health Program
Room 647 SPHPI
Phone: (312) 996-0724
E-mail: jaimkl@uic.edu

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