What is RPH?

Radical Public Health (RPH) is an association of students, alumni, faculty, and staff that seeks to address the systemic, underlying causes of public health challenges and to consider more radical solutions. RPH hosts group discussions, guest lectures, film screenings, teach-ins, and panel discussions on relevant issues. 

Mission Statement

  1. To provide a forum and supportive environment for radical perspectives within the School of Public Health (SPH) community.
  2. To normalize radical perspectives within SPH learning, research, and practice.
  3. To enhance collaboration and build solidarity with SPH faculty, other schools within UIC, community organizations, and movements that share our values.
  4. To maintain an egalitarian internal structure that reflects our values. 


Membership is open to all students at the UIC School of Public Health and other UIC students, alumni, faculty, and staff, including undergraduates. Membership is also open to like-minded individuals in other schools, organizations, and groups. 


RPH provides an open forum for radical and heterodox perspectives in public health work and its associated disciplines. We provide a network of people who support each other in our intellectual, educational, and professional pursuits. We provide a collective of colleagues, mentors, and friends dedicated to social justice and social change. 

Upcoming Events & Activities

RPH has bi-monthly discussion meetings and special events that are advertised through the RPH listserv and RPH Facebook group. For more information on upcoming lectures, teach-ins, movie screenings, discussions, and demonstrations, please contact rph.uic@gmail.com.

Contact Us

Please feel free to contact rph.uic@gmail.com for questions or to be added to the RPH listserv. 

Here is a list of some current co-facilitators of Radical Public Health (in alphabetical order):

Fiona Anderson
Wesley Epplin
Vadim Gershteyn
Alison Goldstein
Nicole Gonzalez
Sherry Weingart
Bronwen White


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Qian Li

Qian Li

Chicago is beautiful aesthetically, and vast. It has all of the problems of the world and all the potential for fixing them… a perfect place to witness the social determinants of health at work.

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