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SPH Facilities/Building Access

SPH Facilities/Building Access


The School of Public Health operates three personal computer labs. Two computer labs are located in the SPHPI building at 1603 West Taylor Street. The larger of the two labs, located in the basement (SPHPI B34), is equipped with 31 hard-wired terminals and a high capacity laser printer, a display device, a projection screen and a white board. The smaller lab is located in the SPH Paul Q. Peterson Study Center (SPHPI 178) and has 17 hard-wired terminals and a high capacity laser printer. The third computer lab is located on the fifth floor in SPHPI-W, 2121 West Taylor Street. This lab has 26 personal computers, a laser printer, LCD display device, an overhead projector, a projection screen and a white board.

All of the computers in the labs are connected to the UIC ACCC’s local area network via ethernet connection. This connection provides a wide variety of software, and email and Internet access. A validated UIC identification card is needed to enter the SPH after normal business hours and on weekends. The labs are available for public use when not being used by a class.


The School of Public Health Paul Q. Peterson Study Center, located on the first floor of the SPHPI Building, offers a quiet study area with tables and chairs for student use. Students will have access to this area during all hours that the building is open and students who sign up for after-hour entry into the building will also be able to use the Study Center and its computers. The Study Center is located immediately adjacent to one of the building's two computer labs with seventeen workstations.


In SPHPI, the Alan W. Donaldson Student Lounge (194), a café (110), a vending machine area (112) and a parenting room (138), are located on the first floor. Two group study rooms (134 and 142) and four smaller interview rooms (103, 105, 107, and 130) are also located on the first floor. Students may reserve these rooms by signing the reservation sheet located on the doors to each room. Common areas are also located on floors six, seven and eight of SPHPI.

In SPH-W, lounge areas for students are available on the first and fifth floors. The fifth floor lounge contains vending machines and a microwave oven.


The 2121 West Taylor Building is open from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Those entering before or after normal business hours will need to call ahead to make special arrangements.

The 1603 West Taylor Street Building is open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. After-hour access to both buildings will be by key-card only.

Newly matriculating students in the Fall term have their access requested automatically. The process usually takes 1-2 weeks to complete after the start of the term. Please note that a valid I-Card is required for access.

For students who have an immediate need for after-hour access or continuing students who are having access issues, please contact Ms. Renita Moore, SPH Registrar for assistance.  You will need to fill out the Building Access Form and submit it to her in the SPH Office of Student Affairs, Room 181 SPHPI.

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