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School & Community Assistance For Recycling & Composting Education (SCARCE) Internship/Volunteer Opportunity

A couple of weeks ago I went to Glen Ellyn to meet with Kay, who is the Founder of SCARCE to talk about the volunteer and internship opportunities available for UIC SPH students.

SCARCE is an award-winning environmental educational non-profit dedicated to creating sustainable communities. They provide hands-on educational programs for schools and organizations, work to reduce waste by rescuing various items that can be reused from the landfills (books, school supplies, medical supplies etc.), and engage the broader public through community-wide events and programs.

Kay took me on a tour of the SCARCE facilities where there were rows of school books and records, stacks of paper, boxes of medical supplies and various other items.  As I wandered through the rows of books, I saw two teachers filling up boxes with school supplies to take back to their schools, one teacher donating a display to help children learn about geography, and a local Glen Ellyn resident gathering medical supplies to send to his son who is a doctor in the Philippines.  It is clear that there are wonderful things happening at SCARCE!

SCARCE is looking for student volunteers to help with various projects. To learn more about SCARCE and/or fill out a form to be a volunteer please visit their website.

Jaime Klaus, Assistant Director of Internship Programs


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