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About Climate Change in the Caribbean

About Climate Change and Public Health in the Caribbean

Flooded streets after heavy rain caused by Hurricane Sandy in Dominican Republic_Photo Credit IDDIThe 28 Caribbean island nations and territories are on the frontlines of climate change threats.  Increasing temperatures, changing rain patterns, rising sea levels, and increasing severity of hurricanes threaten lives, livelihoods, and homes.  Many of these islands rely on economic sectors that are particularly vulnerable to climate patterns such as agriculture, tourism, and fishing.  Climate change will also have far-reaching effects on local island culture, infrastructure, the ecosystem, health, and altering traditional lifestyles on the islands.  Over 40 million people living in the Caribbean region face the real possibility that their island will completely disappear as the sea level rises.

The current social and economic conditions and the state of the public health systems pose unique challenges and opportunities to address these public health implications of climate change for each island.  

Photo credit: IDDI

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