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Center for Public Health Practice
Center for Public Health Practice
Chicago Department of Public Health & UIC SPH Partnership Team

Centers and Practice

What We Do

CCPHP Purpose

In 2014, the SPH established a Coordinating Center for Public Health Practice to coordinate service, practice, and partnership activities with responsibility to identify opportunities to integrate service and practice into teaching and research activities through engaged partnerships; assess the needs of external stakeholders to enhance opportunities for partnerships; unify and coordinate all non-credit continuing education activities; define methods for identifying and formalizing partnerships, serve as a conduit for public health translation; and develop and manage mechanisms for SPH faculty and staff to provide technical assistance and consulting services to external entities.

CCPHP Vision

A system of coordination and communication between the practice and academic communities that maximizes their respective strengths and contributes to health improvement. 

The Center three main goals are to become

  1. A leader in public health practice based research and in dissemination and translation;
  2. A leader in workforce development;
  3. A leading provider and partner for innovative assessment, planning, and evaluation.


Workforce Development

  1. Training
    1. Conferences
    2. Workshops
    3. Continuing Education
  2. Technical Assistance
    1. Assessments
    2. Evaluations
  3. Career Services
    1. Practicum Job Sites
    2. Preceptor Information
    3. Placement Data


Practice & Research in Action

  1. Community Engagement
  2. Translation & Dissemination
    1. Practice Based Research Networks

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