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According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2016, more than 1.9 billion adults, 18 years older were overweight. We are living in a world where chronic diseases such as stroke and heart diseases take more lives than infectious diseases – HIV and malaria. Although most of these diseases are preventable, there is still a constant battle on how to prevent them, both individually and as a whole. Diet and exercise are crucial for preventing these diseases, but unfortunately, some of us aren’t as knowledgeable in these aspects as we hoped to be. This is why we seek the help of a professional on issues like this. There are several nutritional health practitioners who help with dietary concerns but, I will focus on the functions of Public Health Nutritionist.

Who are they?

Public Health Nutritionists (PHNs) are nutritional experts who work in an area of concentration where they assist communities or populations with their dietary concerns. Similarly to Public Health, where public health practitioners work to improve the well-being of a population rather than an individual, PHNs work to promote good nutritional habits in communities.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

●        Identifying problem areas in nutrition within a community or population.

●        Designing and Implementing programs, systems, and policies in high-risk communities.

●        Developing sustainable and effective strategies that help improve nutrition.

●        Providing  educational resources to the community to help them make better nutritional

●        Promoting better nutrition in general.

Where do they work?

PHNs have some flexibility with their jobs. They are needed everywhere that involves food and people. With the increasing rates of obesity, there will be a higher demand for PHNs. The job will involve data collection from the communities, analyzing data, and providing solutions that help mitigate the problems. It involves a lot of critical thinking and problem-solving. Note that the duties of the PHN will be highly dependent on where you are working. Job opportunities can be found in:

●       Research

●       State/Local government

●       Non-profits

●       Health agencies

●       Schools

●       Hospitals

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Are you interested in Public Health Nutrition but you don't know where to start? You are at the right place. The very first thing to do is to go online and research graduate schools that offer the Public Health Nutrition program. After you’ve come up with a list of prospective schools, you may want to conduct informational interviews with people who are already in this field. Ask the professors in your desired program questions about the program. Here is a guide to help you tailor your questions for grad schools better.  

For more questions contact SPH Career Services to schedule an appointment. 

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