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Purpose of the Blog

The purpose of the Public Health Practice blog is to highlight:


  • Stories about unique contributions public health professionals or organizations are having in the field
  • Inspirational stories and anecdotes about public health work being done in the field
  • Students reflections about of their applied practice/field experiences
  • Alumni sharing their career journeys
  • How UIC SPH is working to improve the health and well being of communities locally and globally
  • How UIC SPH is engaging and collaborating with key stakeholders to improve health and well-being of the people of the metropolitan Chicago area, the State of Illinois and the nation, and of others throughout the world

Target Audience: Students, Alumni, Staff/Faculty and Community Partners

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  Length & Style
  • Blog entries should be brief and about 2-5 paragraphs in length (no more than 500 words).
  • Blogs are usually informal and written in a conversational style. Many people write blog entries in first person.
  • If you make factual statements or refer to research provide appropriate citations in APA style.


  • Your entry should have a title and name of author(s)
  • You may embed links into the text of relevant websites, PDF documents, videos, etc.
  • Pictures are recommended (but optional)


  • Consider your audience: Avoid using public health jargon or acronyms. Assume the audience doesn’t know anything about public health when you are writing your entry.
  • Be thoughtful and respectful: All these entries are public and can be viewed by anyone. Remember these entries are a reflection of your brand and UIC’s!
  • Inform and Inspire: These are the two main goals of this blog so write what you are passionate about because this will really resonate with the audience and then it will be fun to write.
  • Edit/Proofread: Take some time to proofread your entry, and make sure you use correct spelling, grammar, punctuation. Remember this is not text messaging or IM'ing so spell out all the words and write in complete sentences.


Time Frame
Entries are posted on the blog on an on-going basis. There are no strict deadlines and you can submit an entry at any time that is convenient for you.


Ideas for possible blog entry topics include:
  • UIC SPH alumni can write about their career journey, current role and job search experience.
  • UIC SPH students can write about their field experience/applied practice experience.
  • Public Health employers can write about their organization and ways UIC SPH students can get involved with their organizations (employment, internships, volunteer opportunities etc.)
  • UIC SPH staff and faculty can write about their work (public health in practice) and why they love the work they do!
  • UIC SPH students can write about a project they are working on in one of their classes or as part of their employment that they find interesting. What have they learned from it? How are they applying what they are learning the classroom?


  • UIC SPH Career Services has the right to edit the content provided. We will seek final approval of any changes made to the entry from the author before it is posted online.
  • UIC SPH Career Services has the right to refuse to post an entry if there is any content or language that is deemed inappropriate.

CHS Alumna Talks about Her Work at the YMCA

Heather Drummond is currently a Technical Advisor for Chronic Disease Prevention Programs at YMCA of the USA, and an alumna of University of Illinois of Chicago, School of Public Health in Community Health Sciences. UIC SPH asked Heather some questions about her career journey, her work at the YMCA, and advice she has for emerging public health leaders. Below are Heather’s responses. Read More

CHS MCH Alumna Talks about Her Work at the YMCA

Suzi Montasir is currently a Manager of Program Delivery at YMCA of the USA, and an alumna of University of Illinois of Chicago, School of Public Health in Community Health Sciences with a concentration in Maternal and Child Health. UIC SPH asked Suzi some questions about her career journey, her work at the YMCA, and advice she has for emerging public health leaders. Read More

HPA Alumnus Talks about His Work at the YMCA

Marc Rosen is currently a Technical Advisor for Clinical Integration at the YMCA of the USA, and an alumnus of University of Illinois of Chicago, School of Public Health in Health Policy and Administration. UIC SPH asked Marc some questions about his career journey, his work at the YMCA, and advice he has for emerging public health leaders. Below are Marc’s responses. Read More

Interview with Alia Southworth, MPH '12

My undergrad was actually in the hard sciences and I have my Bachelor’s degree in Human Biology. But, my love for public health really came to light when I studied abroad in Mexico and realized that I could not be stuck in a lab all day. I wanted to do something related to the public and community and public health would allow me to do that. It was a perfect marriage between my science background and my love for reaching out and helping the community. I applied to UIC SPH for grad school and have been in the field ever since.Read More

Interview with Abidemi Aboiye, MPH/MSW, Program Manager, Asian Health Coalition

Nomin Bayarsaikhan, an intern at the UIC SPH Career Services, interviewed Abidemi Aboiye, who graduated from UIC SPH in 2017 with a MSW in Community Health and Urban Development and a MPH in Community Health Sciences. She currently acts as a program manager at the Asian Health Coalition with a focus on the African immigrant community. Nomin held an interview with Abidemi over the phone to discuss the current issues afflicting the community, her daily routine, and advice to future graduates.Read More

Reflections of a Young Public Health Professional

 When I gained admission to the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) I was really excited. I was mostly excited to leave Nigeria and start living on my own. Before I came to college, my parents and I were clueless on what I was going to study. You see, back home, we don’t have a variety of career paths to choose from; you’re either a lawyer, doctor, nurse, engineer or a banker. I didn’t want to be a doctor, but the thought of helping people appealed to me. Neither was I interested in sitting in an office all day, I wanted to travel around the world and meet people. From my interests, I was introduced to Public Health. I was told that Public Health was a broad course and I could easily find my niche. The best part of it was that I wasn’t required to take any science courses. What a relief. After taking science courses in High School, I was determined to run as far I could from them.Read More

Public Health Nutrition

 We are living in a world where chronic diseases such as stroke and heart diseases take more lives than infectious diseases – HIV and malaria. Although most of these diseases are preventable, there is still a constant battle on how to prevent them, both individually and as a whole. Diet and exercise are crucial for preventing these diseases, but unfortunately, some of us aren’t as knowledgeable in these aspects as we hoped to be. This is why we seek the help of a professional on issues like this. I will focus on the functions of Public Health Nutritionist.


School & Community Assistance For Recycling & Composting Education (SCARCE) Internship/Volunteer Opportunity

A couple of weeks ago I went to Glen Ellyn to meet with Kay, who is the Founder of SCARCE to talk about the volunteer and internship opportunities available for UIC SPH students. SCARCE is an award-winning environmental education non-profit dedicated to creating sustainable communities. Read more


"Stay open to taking a zig-zagged path", Rebecca Duerst reminds us while sharing her unique career journey

I attended UIC SPH from 2010-2012 as an MPH student in Community Health Sciences with a Global Health concentration. While there, I took advantage of any and all global health opportunities I could – studying diphtheria in India (under Dr. Mark Dworkin with support of the Passaro Award), HIV and AIDS in Kenya (with Dr. Robert Bailey for my practicum experience), and disaster risk reduction in Haiti and health-seeking behaviors in Uganda (with Dr. Janet Lin). Clearly, I also had a strong interest in epidemiology; at the time, I thought I’d be focusing my career on infectious disease. Click here to find out more about her story.


Global Health Program: Notes from the Field

The UIC SPH Global Health Program has had an exciting year! Between a growing Global Health Concentration and thriving Global Health Student Interest Group, many collaborations and partnerships have fostered activities such as bi-directional student and faculty exchanges, a visiting scholars program, student practicum experiences, and faculty research. The Global Health Program also offers several sponsored programs, which include practicum experiences in Kenya and Mexico and an elective course in Cuba. This past summer, the Global Health Program had more than twenty students fulfill research and field experience requirements overseas. Click here to check out what our students did this summer with their notes from the field!


Student Works in Ghana for her Applied Practice/Field Experience

My practicum brought me to Ghana where I worked with a non-profit organization called Unite for Sight (UFS). UFS specializes in providing vision care in various impoverished communities within Ghana, India and Honduras. Prior to leaving for Ghana, I fundraised and collected reading and sunglasses for UFS affiliated Clinics. I also trained and learned from an optometrist. My volunteer efforts provided human and financial resources to local clinics in Ghana and contributed to the sustainability of UFS outreach programs. Click this link to read more.


Embarking on a Career at the EPA, Loreen Targos, UIC SPH Alumna 

The Associate Director of UIC SPH Career Services, Liz Herrera, scheduled a visit to the US EPA to catch up with Loreen Targos, a UIC SPH alumna from the Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences division. During this visit, Loreen provided a quick tour of the facilities, introduced Liz to some of her colleagues – including other UIC SPH alumni! Loreen and Liz sat down to talk about her current role at the EPA, her job search experience and shared career advice for current students and early public health careerists. Click this link to read more.

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