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SPH alumni can participate in a variety of volunteer opportunities at the School. Contact Beverly Paulsey, Advancement Coordinator, for more information on the following volunteer opportunities:

Membership to the UIC SPH Alumni Association Board of Directors is by invitation only.  To learn more about the role of the Board, click here.  The Board is always looking for alumni to serve on its committees.

Alumni Career Contacts (ACC) assist the UIC SPH Office of Career Services by serving as career advisors to current students.  Possible tasks include: cover letter and resume editing/critiquing, in-person and phone practice interviews, and general career advice.  The time commitment is different for each ACC and your involvement can be tailored to fit your available time commitment. 

The UIC SPH wants to attract the best students from diverse disciplines, backgrounds, and interests.  This cannot be done without alumni help!  While students can compare schools on paper based on a multitude of statistics, it is a personal interaction that really gives a student a true understanding of a school – Alumni Recruitment Contacts (ARC) can do this for the School of Public Health.  Once a student is admitted to the school the Office of Admissions will connect the student with an alumni contact.  The alumni contact’s role is to answer any questions the student may have about the school.

  SPH Alumni Events

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