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The SPH Office of Career Services maintains a listing of  jobs, internships and fellowship opportunities. The listing is updated weekly. To view the listing please go to:

If you need additional career assistance, please contact Elizabeth Herrera, Associate Director for Career Services, at


Graduate and Professional students at the university are able to seek employment as a Graduate Hourly Student Employee. These positions are paid on an hourly basis and do not come with a tuition waiver or stipend. Graduate Hourly employment is not based on financial need. Current information on the Graduate Hourly rate is posted at:


The Federal Work Study (FWS) program supports students seeking post-secondary education. The support takes the form of part time hourly employment. As the cost of employing FWS students is offset by federal support, these types of employees are well sought. Eligibility for the FWS program is need based and determined through the university’s Office of Financial Aid based on the FAFSA application. More information on the FWS program can be found at:


Students seeking Graduate Hourly or FWS positions can search the student employment database. Students that wish to be considered for the FWS program must submit a FAFSA. Students will be notified of their FWS eligibility through their E-Award letter. Students must apply for any FWS supported position.

Student employment opportunities, including Federal Work Study and Graduate Hourly positions, can be found at:


Students who are employed on campus receive their pay through direct deposit to their bank. Checks are deposited directly from Payroll, Office of Business Affairs. Should the student not have an open account they might also acquire a check card from Payroll which acts as an ATM card.

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