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Master of Science in PHI

Master of Science in PHI

The Public Health Informatics (PHI) concentration under the Master of Science in Public Health Sciences degree (MSPHI) at the School of Public Health (SPH) addresses a fundamental need of the growing public health informatics discipline by providing a focused pre doctoral level education for students wishing to pursue informatics. Currently, students are admitted to PhD programs with a PHI focus by having only peripheral skills of this field.

Curriculum MSPHI Program

School of Public Health Core Requirements (15 sh)

Course Title Credits

BSTT 400 Biostatistics I 4 sh
EPID 403 Introduction to Epidemiology: Principles and Methods 3
IPHS 598 3 Research in the Public Health Sciences – MS Health 8

Required Non-Credit Training:
HIPAA Research Training Non-credit
Investigator Training 101 Non-credit

PHI core (11 sh)

HPA 465 Health Informatics and Decision Support Systems 4 sh
HPA 481 Development of PH Surveillance Information Systems 3
BSTT401 Biostatistics II 4

PHI Selectives (min 16 sh)

In consultation with your advisor, select four (4) classes from the following list. It is highly recommended that your selection defines a coherent profile of competencies.

HPA 480 Database design and analysis 4 sh
HPA 483 Management of Communication Systems for PHI Applications 4
HPA 485 Legal and Ethical Issues in PH Informatics 3
HPA 486 Survey of Public Health Information Systems 4
HPA 488 PH Information Systems Evaluation and Project Management 3
HPA 563 Web-Based PH Information Systems 4
HPA 436 GIS for Environmental Health and Public Health professionals 4
HPA 564 GIS Applications in Public Health 3
HPA 565 Data-mining Applications in PH 3

Program electives - (min 6 sh)

Choose at least one course from the following list that will supplement the profile of competencies you seek to establish or supplement deficiencies of your background. The remaining course work should be selected from the overall PHI curriculum.

HPA 400 Principles of Management in Public Health 3 sh
HPA 455 Geographic Information Systems Integrative Project 2
HPA 444 Strategic Planning and Budgeting Applications 3
HPA 445 Organizational Leadership 3
HPA 486 Survey of Public Health Information Systems 4
BHIS 509 Informatics for Clinical Investigators 3
BHIS 527 Knowledge Management in Healthcare Organizations 3
BHIS 528 Consumer Health Informatics in PH 3

The MSPHI program contains a minimum (total) of 48 semester hours which is in line with the UIC Graduate College guidelines:

• At least 24 hours, or one-half of the minimum number of semester hours of graduate work required for the degree, whichever is greater, must be earned as a degree candidate at UIC. At least 9 hours must be at the 500 level, excluding research seminars (595), project (597), thesis (598), and independent study courses.

• Thesis students must earn at least 5 hours in thesis research (the 598 course offered by their program). A maximum of 40 percent of the total hours of credit required for the degree may be earned in thesis research, unless restricted by the program.

The MSPHI has 40 semester hours of a minimum (total) number of graduate level course work (16 sh of the available course work is at a 500 level) and the thesis research is 8 sh.


In addition to school-wide competencies, for students pursuing the MS degree in Public health Informatics, the following major competencies apply:

• Apply data collection processes, information technology applications, computer systems

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