The College of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) and the UIC School of Public Health offer a joint degree program leading to the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) and Master of Public Health (MPH) degrees.

The programs of study leading to the DVM/MPH joint degree is offered by the following SPH Division:

Length of Program

Full-time students may complete the degree in five years.

Admission Requirements

Program Requirements

All students must satisfy the requirements for both the DVM and MPH program. The joint DVM/MPH program is a five year program of study consisting of a combination of on-line and on-site courses and concluding with a research based Capstone project. Students in the program must satisfy the required four years of the professional veterinary medicine curriculum as well as the required 42 semester hours of the Master of Public Health Professional Enhancement Program (PEP).

Veterinary Medicine students are encouraged to complete 1 or more Public Health courses in the Summer preceding and following their DVM1 Year. Veterinary Medicine students will ordinarily complete Years 1 through 3 of their veterinary medicine training at UIUC, while taking some public health courses online and/or completing courses deemed equivalent to required SPH courses within the graduate program of Veterinary Pathology. DVM students will spend a minimum of two semesters (fall and spring) in residence at the UIC School of Public Health following their third year of veterinary medicine training. Students are encouraged to spend a summer in Chicago to complete their field experience and capstone project in a public health- related setting. Students will return to UIUC to complete their fourth year clinical rotations.

Example of Progression through the Joint Degree DVM/MPH Program

Pre - YEAR 1 – Summer (3 SH)




CHSC 401

Behavioral Sciences in Public Health

3 SH

YEAR 1 (23.5 SH)


DVM1 Curriculum


HPA 400

Principles of Management in Public Health

3 SH

YEAR 2 (39.5 SH)


DVM2 Curriculum

YEAR 3 (35-38 SH)


DVM3 Curriculum

YEAR 4 (35-43 SH) - School of Public Health Courses




EPID 403

Introduction to Epidemiology: Principles and Methods

3 SH

BSTT 400

Biostatistics I

4 SH

HPA 400

Principles of Management in Public Health (if not taken previously)

3 SH

EOHS 400

Principles of Environmental Health Sciences

3 SH

CHSC 400

Public Health Concepts and Practice

3 SH

CHSC 401

Behavioral Sciences in Public Health (if not taken previously)

3 SH

EPID 404

Intermediate Epidemiologic Methods

4 SH

EPID 406

Epidemiologic Computing

3 SH

EPID 410*

Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases

2 SH

EPID 411

Epidemiology of Chronic Diseases

3 SH

EPID 591

Current Epidemiologic Literature

2 SH

BSTT 401**

Biostatistics II

4 SH

IPHS 650

Field Experience in Public Health

3-5 SH

IPHS 698

MPH Capstone Experience

1 SH

Required Non-Credit Training: http://tigger.uic.edu/depts/ovcr/research/protocolreview/irb/education/index.shtml

HIPAA Research Training


Investigator Training 101



 *(may substitute PATH 516)

** (may substitute PATH 591) 


Students must take the number of electives as necessary to bring the total number of semester hours for the MPH program to 42 semester credit hours.

Shared Courses

Tuition and Fees

While a student is attending one school, he or she will be considered on official leave of absence at the other school. Thus, the student will pay tuition and be eligible for scholarship support at only one school at a time.


Students will be assigned joint advisors, one faculty member from UIUC College of Veterinary Medicine and one faculty member from the UIC School of Public Health.   

Transferring into DVM/MPH Joint Degree Program

Students who enter either of the individual degree programs and later decide to transfer into the joint program may do so before entering their second year of study if they meet the admissions requirements of the other degree program. Students must apply and be accepted into both individual degree programs. Application to the MPH is through SOPHAS.

Leaving the Program

Students who leave after completing the necessary hours for one of the degrees, either the DVM or the MPH, but before completing the joint DVM/MPH, will receive the former degree. Most students completing solely the MPH would be required to satisfy requirements of a comprehensive MPH program.

Contact Information

For further information about this joint degree program, please contact the following individuals:

School of Public Health

Babette J. Neuberger, JD, MPH

Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, School of Public Health

(312) 996-5381


UIUC - College of Veterinary Medicine

Jack Herrmann, DVM, MPH

Director, DVM/MPH Program

(217) 265-6586


How to Apply