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Certificate Programs

Certificate Programs


The certificate program is ideal for students seeking an overview of public health informatics, whether public health professionals or students of traditional public health programs interested in a concentrated introduction to PHI. Candidates will specifically develop:

  • Proficiency in health data definitions and standards
  • Knowledge of the basic functions and operations of public health information systems
  • Ability to plan and manage public health information systems projects
  • Expertise to specify the requirements for the development or adaptation of public health information systems

To click the following link to learn more about the PHI Certificate Program.


The complex challenges posed by public health threats demand that public health professionals have a concrete understanding of the relationships among the various factors affecting health. In recent years, public health practitioners have grown increasingly aware of the value geographic information systems (GIS) can add in developing an effective framework for action. GIS systems make it possible for public health professionals to visualize population health problems within the context of available social services, demographic factors and changes in environmental variables.

To click the following link to learn more about the Public Health Geographic Information Systems program.


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