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Pre-Award Services of SPH Office of Research Services

The goal of the SPH Office of Research Services (ORS) is to encourage, increase and support SPH investigator-led proposal development and to increase the success ratio for submitted propsals.

Description of Services

SPH ORS offers a menu of services (ranging from scientific grant review to budget development to "one-stop shopping") that investigators can choose from to meet their proposal development needs. We encourage investigators to contact the SPH ORS early in the process so that adequate time is available for optimal proposal development.

Our services include:

In addition, we have provided further details regarding the expected flow of documents during the proposal development process, timeline that SPH ORS follows, how proposals are prioritized, and information on the scientifc review process.



Geri R. Donenberg, PhD
Associate Dean of Research
Professor, Department of Psychology in Psychiatry
Director, Healthy Youths Program Director
Director, Community Outreach Intervention Projects

Julie C. Kong, M.Ed, RD, LDN, CRA
Director, Research Services
Phone: 312-413-8508
Robin Buell Sylvester, MUPP
Pre-Awards Sponsored Projects Specialist
Phone: 312-996-9327
Beth Skendrovic
Pre-Awards Sponsored Projects Specialist
Phone: 312-996-4226
Allyson Zeedrich, MPH
Pre-Awards Sponsored Projects Specialist
Phone: 312-996-9657
Lucy Fu
Poster Printing GA
Phone: 312-413-3953

SPH Poster Printing Policies and Procedures


SPH Poster Printing Services produces professional posters, usually for research conferences, at nominal cost to SPH faculty. Since SPH Poster Services prioritizes the research/practice activities of faculty and students, posters for other activities can only be printed under special circumstances. Below you will find guidelines, forms, templates, and tips for printing research posters at SPH: 



Contact Allyson Zeedrich ( if you would like to utilize our services.

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