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Research Services

Research Services


The goal of the SPH Office of Research Services (ORS) is to encourage, increase and support SPH investigator-led proposal development and to increase the success ratio for submitted propsals.


SPH ORS offers a menu of services (ranging from scientific grant review to budget development to "one-stop shopping") that investigators can choose from to meet their proposal development needs. We encourage investigators to contact the SPH ORS early in the process so that adequate time is available for optimal proposal development.


  • Reviewing the sponsor's RFP/RFA specifications;
  • Obtaining the required information (biosketches, letters of support, etc.) for proposal submission;
  • Scheduling scientific/technical grant team meetings as necessary;
  • Scheduling and coordinating peer grant review;
  • Developing budget and budget justification;
  • Managing the proposal development process;
  • Formatting of grant documents (i.e. abstract, graphs, images, tables, appendices, etc.);
  • Completing the Proposal Approval Form (PAF), including securing the necessary signatures and obtaining approval of the UIC Office of Research Services;
  • Preparing and submitting the proposal to the sponsor by the deadline via electronic transmission or courier;
  • Preparing documents for Just-In-Time submission to the sponsor which may include revising budgets, assisting with “other support” documents for key personnel, and verification of human subjects education of key personnel;

In addition, we have provided further details regarding the expected flow of documents during the proposal development process, timeline that SPH ORS follows, how proposals are prioritized, and information on the scientifc review process.



Geri R. Donenberg, PhD
Associate Dean of Research
Professor, Department of Psychology in Psychiatry
Director, Healthy Youths Program Director
Director, Community Outreach Intervention Projects

Julie C. Kong, M.Ed, RD, LDN, CRA
Director, Research Services
Phone: 312-413-8508

Robin Buell Sylvester, MUPP
Assistant Director, Pre-Awards Sponsored Projects
Phone: 312-996-9327

Shelley Hoover, MS
Pre-Award Sponsored Projects Specialist
Phone: 312-996-9657

Maribel Gamon, MPH
Pre-Award Sponsored Projects Specialist
Phone: 312-996-4226

Brett Rydzon
Poster Printing GA
Phone 312-413-3953

Christy Spees
Poster Printing GA
Phone 312-413-3953


Pictured: Izumi Chihara, 10th Annual SPH Research and Practice Awards Day Poster Competition


SPH Poster Printing Services produces professional posters for research conferences and other scholarly activities at nominal cost to SPH faculty and students. SPH Poster Printing Services prioritizes the research/practice activities of our faculty and students, but poster requests from other campus units may be printed under special circumstances.


  1. Complete the SPH Poster Printing Requisition form (found below). Required fields include the name of the submitter, e-mail, unit, status (e.g. faculty, staff, and student), date of submission, date poster needed, title and size dimensions of poster, date and location of conference, poster size, and cost.
  2. Complete and sign the “Checklist for Poster Printing” on the back of the SPH Poster Printing Requisition form. Electronic signatures are accepted.
  3. E-mail the Poster Requisition form with completed "Checklist for Poster Printing" to Christine Rapp ( and cc: Allyson Zeedrich (
  4. SPH Poster Services Office staff will review your requisition and contact you once it has been approved.
  5. Submit your poster file to Christine Rapp ( via e-mail, CD, or flash drive (format should be PowerPoint “.ppt” or PDF).
  6. SPH Poster Services Office staff will contact you regarding editing, printing, payment details and pick-up information.


  • Poster printing for Capstones and select SPH courses: Posters printed for CHS and EOHS Capstones, as well as those printed for IPHS 410 and CHSC 511 will have specific deadlines determined at the beginning of each semester. Contact your Academic Advisor or Course Instructor for information on poster due dates. Please be aware that late submissions cannot be accommodated, as the office receives an extremely high volume of requests near the end of each semester (especially in the months of March and April). 
  • Poster printing for other activities (e.g., conferences): Posters will be produced within 4 business days once the requisition form and poster file are submitted and checked for proper formatting by SPH Poster Printing Services staff. Last minute “rush” jobs (submission inside 4 business days lead time) may be accepted only if staff can accommodate them. 






  • Mondays 12:00-4:30pm
  • Wednesdays 12:00-1:30pm
  • Thursdays 1:00-5:00pm

Please email Christine Rapp ( and cc Allyson Zeedrich ( with questions about our services.

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