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Academic Affairs

Academic Affairs


The Office of Academic Affairs monitors the content, quality, and enhancement of the school's academic programs, including academic, professional, and joint degrees, continuing education, distance learning, and certificate programs.


The members of the office and their duties are described below:

Susan Altfeld, AM (SW), PHD, serves as the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Dr. Altfeld oversees all aspects of the Office of Academic Affairs including academic programs, curriculum development, academic grievances, student academic progress, distance learning, and continuing education. These duties include serving as an ex-officio member of the Committee on Educational Programs, the Committee on Academic Progress, and the Academic Strategic Planning Committee. The Assistant Dean for Student Affairs also reports to Dean Altfeld.

Alyson Lofthouse, is the Senior Associate Director of the Global Health Program. In this role, she serves as the primary advisor to the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs regarding strategic direction and leadership in developing and administering a comprehensive global health program. She is responsible for conducting global health program development, including identifying, developing, and managing partnerships and alliances for collaborative activities, overseeing the Global Health Concentration, monitoring student progress, facilitating student field placements, managing student cohort programs for overseas learning experiences, managing global health scholarship processes, staffing the Global Health Initiative Committee, and hosting international scholars. Additionally, Alyson teaches a global health course in the public health baccalaureate program.

Sharyn K. Dyer, MPH, serves as the Academic Program Manager in the Office of the Dean. She is responsible for providing administrative support, strategic oversight, and supervision of a wide range of activities within the Office of Academic Affairs, including Academic Strategic Planning, SPH strategic plan initiatives, Inter-professional Education Programs, and other academic programs and processes.

Candace White, MBA/HCM, HCI, serves as the Academic Program Coordinator in the Office of the Dean. She is responsible for staffing and coordinating the efforts of the Committee on Educational Programs and the Academic Strategic Planning Committee. These duties include participating in the setting of academic policies and procedures as well as developing and managing the administration of SPH survey tools, data, and reports. In addition, Candace coordinates revisions of SPH student handbooks, plans the Dean's forum, facilitates student elections for SPH faculty committees, and manages the website content for the Office of Academic Affairs.

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